For each product warranty offered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer's warranty conditions detailed within each product package. The manufacturer or the official authorized service sets the conditions for technical assistance - service products in or out of warranty.

For products imported or represented by us, are responsible for obtaining a guarantee us. In this case, the warranty covers all components and parts or the whole product in case if and only if it proves to be defective from the beginning or during use if they are strictly adhered to the instructions and the damage is not due to misuse or fall or more generally the fault of the user.

Before returning the product for inspection - service, you must complete the RMA form and send to our e-mail

Products which do not correspond to RMA form will not be accepted by the service of our company.

You can contact us by e-mail for contact parts service manufacturer of your product, as well as other information about the products, describing your question clearly. For questions relating to this product please indicate with precision the model and serial number.

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